mindfulness and well-being coaching for teams

"Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information" – Albert Einstein

focused on
mental health & performance at work

the program consists of:
✓ One 30-minute deepdive
✓ Five daily 20- minute practices

✓ Optimal performance & mental fitness

optimise performance & mental fitness

We start with a 30 minutes deepdive, where I introduce the topic of mindfulness meditation in relation to training focus, resilience and emotional intelligence.
The deepdive is followed by 5 daily sessions, 15-20 minutes each, where we simply practice.

Similar to how we train our muscles in the gym, we will train our mental capacity to be attentive, resilient and receptive to emotions.

The goal of this module is to empower team members to feel more responsible for their productivity and well-being in the context of a fast-paced remote-first world. Daily practice with the team will also help to create routine.

Cost for this module


– Karen, Head of Brand & Performance, Ring Europe at Amazon

"It was a pleasure to work with Katia, who crafted a bespoke mindfulness workshop series for my team. The combination of guided meditation, breath work & movement, was tailored to help reduce stress in this new remote working world."

–Valery, Head of Talent, Insense

For one week, our team started their day with 15 minutes of live guided mindfulness meditation practice, mastering their skills to reduce stress and be more productive. This one-week program showed us that starting the day with a short pause enables us to be more productive and aware during the whole day.

– Kamilla, European GM, Uber Eats

"Katia’s workshops have been of great help for the team in times where stress management is more and more complicated. What all team members (despite roles and seniority) appreciated the most was the fact that each session was personalized to our industry’s challenges and specific team needs: Katia was able to grasp the main pain points and tackle them in 4 super effective sessions with tips and exercises that were very actionable and easy to integrate in one’s daily routine."

– Michael, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Universal Pictures

“Katia is a wonderful mindfulness coach. I started my practice as a true beginner and after a few sessions learned invaluable tools which I continue to use in my daily life to help manage my stress and anxiety. I invited Katia to provide a session for my team at work, and we found it so incredibly helpful not just in inspiring our individual practices, but also in helping create a common language around mindfulness within our work community. This has really helped foster our team’s culture!”

Stop doing webinars.
start practicing.

Start changing behaviour.
Webinars is a good way to introduce a topic and share some tools. But most employees report that they don't integrate these tools into their daily life. Webinars take a lot of time and don't prove to be effective.

Allow your team to practice and experiment together with such tools like meditation, movement and breathing. Even during one week of daily practice people may start noticing benefits, which means that they are more likely to keep applying the tools in their daily life.

A set of practical tools to improve connection and trust in the team.

5 days practice

A set of practical tools to prevent burnout

5 days practice

Hi, my name is Katia.
I am a health coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher.
First 10 years of my career were in the corporate world. I worked at Uber, Yandex, and BBDO.

Four years ago I pivoted my career towards a bigger passion.
First I became a certified health and well-being coach at the Duke School of Integrated Medicine. Then my interest in the power of awareness led me to the Mindfulness Teacher Certificate (MBSR) obtained at Amsterdam Center of Mindfulness.

Today, I study with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP).

I aspire people to live a more mindful life by introducing them to various techniques. These include movement, breathing and mindfulness. My intention is not to convince, but rather to spark curiosity for others to learn more about their personal well-being.

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